30-Year-Old Man Arrested Following A Motor Vehicle Crash In Yakima (Yakima, WA)

A 30-year-old man with multiple felony warrants was fleeing from the police, crashed into another vehicle. 

According to the police, the driver was tried being pulled over for several traffic violations near 1st Avenue and I Street. A YPD supervisor chased the driver, according to the officials. 

The driver struck another vehicle after failing to stop at the red light on West Lincoln Avene and 16th Avenue. 

The driver was arrested at the scene. The other female passenger was taken to Memorial Hospital for leg injuries. 

Medical responders stated that the victims hit in the crash survived with no significant injuries. 

The driver, along with multiple felony charges, was booked for driving under the influence. 

The identity of the victims involved in the motor vehicle crash is awaited from the officials.

August 11, 2022

Source: Kima TV

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