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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, a police accident report will have the police officer’s investigation of the accident. The report will often contain some of the following information:

  • approx. time, date and location of the collision or injury
  • information for all parties and witnesses involved in the collision such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and vehicle insurance information
  • location of where the damage was made to the vehicles involved in the collision
  • statements from all parties and witnesses
  • if any citations were given or violations of law, and
  • additional information on the motor vehicle accident provided by the officer

Typically, a police accident report may be obtained by the individual involved or owner of the vehicle involved. Additional parties include the following:

  • family members, spouse, child or sibling who are directly related to those involved in the accident
  • a licensed attorney
  • a licensed private investigator hired by someone involved in the crash
  • Insurance Companies from all parties involved

All Police Report requests through Nationwide Report®  are performed by our participating paid attorney network.

Nationwide Report® works directly with attorneys nationwide who help accident victims and their families.

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When involved in any accident resulting in personal injury, there are steps that you should follow to ensure physical, financial, and legal protection for yourself:

  1. The most important thing to do is to go to a doctor and get medical attention immediately for any bodily injury.
  2. Collect evidence from the accident: proof of negligence, names and contact information of others involved in the accident, pictures and videos of where the accident took place, filing a police report, and anything else that will help prove negligence and strengthen your case.
  3. Contact your attorney. If you do not have one, Nationwide Report® will help connect you to a local, qualified personal injury attorney in your area.

Once you receive your copy of the police report from your accident, you will need to review it and find out what the facts are from the event. Your insurance company or the other parties involved will most likely have the same copy of the report, so you should be able to support your version of what happened during the accident. 

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Nationwide Report® works directly with attorneys nationwide who help accident victims and their families. We’re here to connect you fast and there is no fee for the confidential consultation or request.

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