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Your vehicle accident report is the first step in the reporting process for making an insurance claim. You can start the process here as an injured party, a relative or spouse of the accident victim.
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The Importance of Filing a Car Accident Report

An accident report is a legal document that must be completed in order to be reimbursed for property damage or medical expenditures made as a result of the accident. It aids insurers in determining the validity of a claim. An accident report is also required in situations when there is a judicial proceeding involving the incident.

Almost every type of accident mandates the filing of an accident report. Before anybody leaves the site of a vehicle crash, especially if there is personal injury, death, or property damage, it is important to call the authorities. When a law enforcement officer arrives, he or she investigates the site and obtains information about the collision, all of which aids in the creation of a legal case. It is a useful document for all parties involved, including insured victims, insurance companies, and attorneys (in cases where a lawsuit is filed).

It is not required to contact the police in the case of small accidents, such as a fender bender, or in the absence of significant property damage. However, even in minor crashes, the parties involved are required to stop and share information under motor vehicle accidents act. If one of the parties fails to do so, a hit-and-run charge may be filed, which can result in a serious consequence.

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