Recent Arizona Accident News

Arizona sees a high number of traffic fatalities every year, largely attributed to alcohol-impaired driving. Auto accidents result in 55,000 injuries annually, with 150 injured daily. In addition to this, the high frequency of highway accidents in Arizona has been linked to reckless driving.

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Arizona Accident FAQ

According to Arizona law, insurance is offered on a fault-based basis. The person responsible for causing the car accident in Arizona is also responsible for paying for the damages.

The law in Arizona requires that a police officer, not the drivers involved, report an accident if there is injury or death, vehicle damage, or property damage in the amount of $1,000 or more.

Maricopa County has more car accidents than any other county in Arizona (93,813), making it the most dangerous county to drive in.

The busy intersections in the region see a large number of collisions. McDowell Road and Camelback Road, for example, are two of the busiest roads in Arizona. Similarly, Phoenix has more than 20,000 fatal crashes at intersections each year due to the city’s busier intersections. Police reports indicate that drivers often misjudge the turn times at these intersections, leading to accidents.

911 tapes are available for public access in Arizona unless the government justifies withholding access.

The City of Phoenix’s Street Transportation Department gets nearly 30,000 crashes each year — 85 accidents a day, on average.

Approximately 2.89 people die every day. Every day, an average of 113 people get injured. An estimated 13,512 vehicle crashes are caused by hit-and-run drivers. And, fatal crashes caused by alcohol account for 16.8 per cent of all crashes.

Car insurance in Arizona must meet or exceed the following minimum coverage levels: Bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident. Liability coverage for property damage: Minimum $15,000.