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Why RepairPal?

RepairPal brings trust and transparency to auto repair by helping millions of customers feel confident that they’re getting the best price. Since 2007, RepairPal has been providing customers with invaluable resources to care for their cars. 

RepairPal also partners with industry leaders to guarantee customer satisfaction. By visiting RepairPal.com, you can get back on the road quickly and safely, knowing you’ll always receive quality work at fair prices. 

Certified Shops Across The U.S.

The RepairPal Certified Network consists of 3,000+ trusted shops and dealers nationwide that have undergone our rigorous certification process. Through this process, we can guarantee these shops are expertly staffed, trained in the latest technologies, use high-quality tools and parts, and warranty their work. Most importantly, they’re committed to fair pricing.

Best in Class Estimator

The RepairPal Fair Price Estimator guarantees that customers will never have to overpay for car repair again. Our Fair Price Estimates give millions of users a concrete idea of how much they can expect to pay. Best of all, our Certified Network of shops will honor these estimates.

#1 Auto Repair Marketplace

Over 7 million sessions per month and over 3,000 of the best shops and dealers. RepairPal makes it easy to get shop information, call or book an appointment online, read reviews from verified customers and to get you back on the road safely.

Dedicated Team

RepairPal helps it's Partners, Shops, and Customers through problem solving and escalation management. They also follow through on guarantees, perform extensive shop training, and offer dedicated partner support.

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RepairPal Testimonials


Minneapolis, MN

I’m so happy that I found RepairPal. This site really simplifies the process of finding fair prices on parts and labor. Plus, I found a new great mechanic!


North Kingstown, RI

I liked the convenience of RepairPal, and knowing the cost before repair. Also, I liked the standards and expectations put in place by RepairPal; it takes all of the questions out of the process.


Lawrenceville, GA

You certainly provide a service which allows a customer to feel more confident that they are being serviced at a reasonable price.

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