Products made with improperly sourced or low-quality ingredients might result in an adverse reaction from the user. This might cause physical, emotional, or financial injury. 

This section of class action lawsuits covers faulty products that have had such adverse reactions to a consumer. If you’ve experienced serious complications from a product, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

Enfamil and Similac are facing baby formula lawsuits from parents of premature infants diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) across the US. These parents claim Mead Johnson (Enfamil) and Abbott Laboratories (Similac) didn’t warn that their cow milk-based products could result in necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants.

The Boppy Company, following directives from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, has recalled over three million Newborn Loungers for infants due to a suffocation hazard. 

The pillows meant for babies have resulted in the death of eight infants from 2015 to 2020. 

E-cigarettes have grown popular in recent years as healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes. However, recent research and events have shown that vaping is still dangerous to human health. For instance, e-cigarettes can result in severe medical conditions, such as strokes, lung infections, and seizures. 

In 2019, Fisher-Price issued a recall for nearly 5 million Rock ‘n Play Sleepers after reports of several baby deaths. In June 2021, the company also recalled over 100,000 4-in-1 Rock ‘n Glide Soother and over 50,000 2-in-1 Soothe ‘n Play Gliders after other cases of infant dates.

Plaintiffs across the US are filing paraquat lawsuits, claiming the herbicide can lead to Parkinson’s disease. They’re also suing the manufacturers of these products for failing to warn about their potential health dangers.

Pressure cooker explosions have led to several product liability lawsuits against related manufacturers in the United States. These accidents have caused eye injuries, permanent scars, and first to third degree burns. 


Elmiron is a medication taken by those treating severe bladder pain that stems from interstitial cystitis (IC). 

Although this drug has been on the scene for decades, new research links Elmiron ingestion to Maculopathy – an eye defect that can cause blindness, vision loss, or retinal degradation. 

Talcum Powder

In March, famous pharmaceutical organization, Pfizer, recalled one of its medications for blood pressure — Accuretic. This news came on the heels of claims that some Accuretic lots had high amounts of a carcinogen tagged “nitrosamine.

This is an active lawsuit.

Individuals affected by this particular product or chemical are currently filing lawsuits.


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