Lead Generation For Law Firms

Get Connected with Accident Report Requests, Nationally.

Nationwide Report® is owned and operated by The Rosslinh Group which focuses solely on the power of content and marketing. In 2021, we created Nationwide Report®, which locates and sources daily traffic accident news across the United States. TRG helps with lead generation through content and PPC efforts with it's other solutions. Law firms can sign up with us and choose a state on Nationwide Report® to help readers retrieve accident reports or advertise on news pages and articles.

Custom Aggregation

Unique Qualified Lead Generation

Nationwide Report® continues to produce with large scale aggregation efforts and utilizes publication platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, NewsBreak and more. By constantly adapting to these engines and platforms, we're able to rank high in search, while capturing and offering our clients a unique qualified lead.

Lead Intake & Delivery

How Does This Work?


Visitor Shares The Details

We collect the necessary details of their accident or we can create a custom intake form.


Qualify and Connect

Information is then filtered through your specifications and sent over to your intake department to review.


Potential Client Review

Intake teams can contact potential client for a case review and provide the neccessary documents requested.


Sign Potential Client

The potential client has the option to retain your law firm for further assistance on their accident and/or injury.

Nationwide Report® can assist your law firm in expanding it's lead generation while helping accident victims in getting a favorable outcome for their case.

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