Get Connected with Accident Report Requests, Nationally.

The Rosslinh Group is the owner and operator of Nationwide Report® and Valiant Advocates.

Who is The Rosslinh Group?

The Rosslinh Group focuses solely on the power of content and synthetic media creation (AI Video). In 2021, we created Nationwide Report®, which locates and sources daily traffic accident news across the United States.

Law firms can sign up with us and choose a state on Nationwide Report®. To help keep things simple, we created our second brand, Valiant Advocates, which the leads are generated through and go directly to you, with Media Advertising and PPC Opportunities as an add-on.

Who are the Valiant Advocates?

Valiant Advocates was created in addition to Nationwide Report® to help separate incoming calls and leads for legal assistance, accident report requests, and other inquires. In addition to this service, we offer education and resources on personal injury.

When a new lawyer or law firm partners with The Rosslinh Group, we welcome them as a Valiant Advocate. All accident report and legal consultation requests are sent to you directly from both our brands websites.

Unique Qualified Lead Generation

Since launching in 2021, we’ve researched and tested our process through large scale publishing efforts and aggregation with Google, Bing, Yahoo, NewsBreak and more. By constantly adapting to these engines and platforms, we’re able to rank high in search, while capturing and offering our clients a unique qualified lead.

Nationwide Report® locates and sources daily traffic accident, health & safety news for local areas across the United States. In addition to providing news, we offer and connect you to local resources.

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