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Tag: auto-pedestrian crash

Pedestrian hit and killed while crossing against signal in Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ)

A pedestrian lost his life while crossing the street against signal near 19th Avenue and Bell Road Thursday evening.A 44-year-old man was crossing the...

Auto-pedestrian accident seriously injures a pedestrian in Tyler (Tyler, TX)

Auto-pedestrian accident cause critical injuries to a pedestrian in Tyler on Wednesday.Tyler Police responded on reports of an accident at the intersection of N....

Auto-pedestrian crash in South Austin kills one (Austin, TX)

An auto-pedestrian crash claims life of a person in South Austin Sunday night. The incident caused traffic blockage on Menchaca Road from both directions.At...

A crash involving pedestrian hospitalizes a person in north Austin (Austin, TX)

Medics shifted a person to the hospital carrying serious, life-threatening injuries on news of a collision involving a pedestrian.ATCEMS said the accident occurred in...

Jesus Felipe Grajeda dies from injuries sustained in auto-pedestrian crash (Tucson, AZ)

A January auto-pedestrian crash has taken the life of a 67-year-old Jesus Felipe Grajeda.As per Tucson Police Department, Jesus Felipe Grajeda was trying to...

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