Singulair Lawsuits: All You Need to Know

Singulair, also called “Montelukast,” is a drug used to treat serious allergies and asthma in kids and adults. This medication received FDA approval in 1998 and is typically prescribed to millions of patients across the United States due to its anti-inflammatory add-ons. 

March 2020 marked a significant timeline in the drug’s history as the Food and Drug Administration introduced its highest warning label — serious mental side effects — on the Singulair packaging.

Singulair Lawsuits: All You Need to Know

Singulair, also called “Montelukast,” is a drug used to treat serious allergies and asthma in kids and adults. This medication received FDA approval in 1998 and is typically prescribed to millions of patients across the United States due to its anti-inflammatory add-ons. 

March 2020 marked a significant timeline in the drug’s history as the Food and Drug Administration introduced its highest warning label — serious mental side effects — on the Singulair packaging.

This decision has caused a ripple effect as the friends and family of those who suffered mental problems after ingesting Singulair (Montelukast) are filing claims at the drug’s manufacturer — Merck. These lawsuits suggest the entity knowingly released a defective drug, causing mental defects in those ingesting it and failing to issue a warning to patrons and medical practitioners. 

Below, we’ll examine the drug Singulair and what you need to know before filing a claim. Stay tuned!

What Is Singulair?

Singulair is a drug used to treat allergies and asthma in adults and children. Available in tablets, the medication is prescribed by medical practitioners to treat:

  • Restrict asthma attacks in patients aged 1 or older
  • Act as a lengthy treatment mode for kids (1 year or older) and adults suffering from asthma
  • Reduce or eliminate asthma stemming from exercise-related activities in children and adults
  • Relieve the glaring symptoms of seasonal outdoor allergies in patients aged 2 or older
  • Relieve the symptoms of year-long allergies in individuals

Singulair works by restricting the effects of an enzyme called leukotrienes. This chemical causes inflammation and airway tightening during an asthma attack. 

Despite Singulair’s advantages, a few reports have noted its notable side effects. In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it would analyze the Singulair drug for links to behavioral and mood changes. One year later, the FDA updated Singulair’s Precautions segment. 

Here, it cited neuropsychiatric events stemming from usage.

In 2014, Merck & Co. requested the FDA’s approval for an OTC (Over-The-Counter) drug to treat allergy symptoms effectively. 

However, an advocacy group called the Public Citizen argued Singulair had tons of side effects to be made available at drug stores nationwide. 

This argument made to the FDA “advisory committee” held its own as the regulatory body banned the sale of Singulair OTC. 

Additionally, the agency placed a “black box” warning on the drug’s packaging, showcasing mental problems. This tag featured when the FDA linked Singulair use to 82 suicide cases.

NOTE: The FDA’s black box warning placement on the Singulair medication occurred in March 2020.

Severe Side Effects Linked to Singulair

Singulair (Montelukast) use has been linked to mental anomalies, including:

  • Aggressive behavior, agitation, and hostility
  • Suicidal actions and thoughts
  • Attention issues
  • Nightmares or vivid dreams
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Utter confusion and disorientation
  • Involuntary muscle movements and body tremors
  • Mood swings

According to a Pharmacology and Perspectives Study, children and adults who frequently ingest Singulair will experience the aforementioned side effects more often. Although depression is common in adults ingesting this medication, the typical side effect in kids is aggression.  

Families Filing Lawsuits

Families are filing lawsuits against Merck. These cases allege that the Singulair manufacturer was aware of the drug’s links to “adverse mental effects” before its debut in 1998. 

For context, Stephanie Hammer filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer for her child, who was only known as “R.S.B.” 

Stephanie filed this claim in the District of Wisconsin in 2020 (September). According to the case, R.S.B used Singulair for nearly 2 years (September 2010 – August 2012). She claimed that R.S.B’s ingestion of the allergy and asthma drug resulted in him being checked into an inpatient psychiatric hospital. 

R.S.B was admitted for suicidal and homicidal thoughts or actions. Additionally, medical doctors diagnosed him with other mental problems, including anxiety disorder, poor coping, sexual thoughts, and other issues.

How the Black Box Warning Led to the Rise of Singulair Lawsuits

After the FDA placed a black box warning on Singulair in March 2020, people began to file claims against the drug’s manufacturer — Merck & Co. 

The warning on the Singulair drug reaffirmed its links to severe neuropsychiatric episodes. 

The FDA’s “black box” warning is the highest possible warning on any medication. It lists out a drug’s severe side effects in bold letters, visible to users and medical practitioners. 

Timeline of the Singulair Black Box

The following are events leading up to the FDA’s black box warning placement on Singulair: 

  • March 3rd, 2008: The Food and Drug Administration announces its investigation into possible links between Singulair usage and behavioral changes and suicidal tendencies.
  • August 28th, 2009: The FDA updates Singulair’s Precautions segment to include neuropsychiatric episodes such as dream abnormalities, depression, tremors, aggression, insomnia, restlessness, instability, and agitation.
  • March 4th, 2020: The Food and Drug Administration adds a black box caveat reiterating mental issues because patients and medical practitioners weren’t quite aware of the risks posed by Singulair. 

Eligibility for Singulair Case Filing: Know If You Have a Case or Not

Did you take Singulair recently and received a diagnosis indicating mental problems? If so, you’re eligible to file a lawsuit and seek a settlement for all the damages you’ve incurred.

Notable neuropsychiatric issues linked to Singulair use are:

  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Homicidal thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Major depressive disorder
  • And other mental disorders

The statute of limitations to file a Singulair lawsuit is 3 years. Although the time frame might differ, depending on the state, ensure you file your lawsuit within this period to avoid getting it thrown out.

If you’re unsure as to what timeline applies to the state you reside in, we recommend contacting an attorney to help you with the claim filing process. A lawyer will also be helpful to your case by sifting out relevant Singulair lawsuit information to get you the compensation values that fit the damages you’ve incurred since your initial diagnosis. 

NOTE: The statute of limitations on Singulair cases will become active when a medical practitioner diagnoses you with a mental issue stemming from Singulair use.

Can You File a Singulair Claim for a Loved One?

As a parent or caregiver, you can file a Singulair claim on behalf of your ward. Also, family members can seek compensation for relatives who experienced Singulair’s severe side effects or died from ingesting it.

If you’re filing a Singulair claim for your child, you could seek damages for the money spent to offset hospital expenses or psychiatric treatments. 

You can also file a wrongful death lawsuit if a friend or relative died due to Singulair usage.

To get started on your case, we recommend contacting a top attorney or legal firm. 

What to Consider When Hiring a Singulair Lawyer

If you feel you’ve got a case against Singulair producer — Merck & Co. — you’d want to have an experienced attorney in your corner. However, with tons of attorneys available, selecting the best of the lot will require you to consider the following aspects:

  • Knowledge

Before hiring an attorney for your Singulair lawsuit, it’s important to certify their knowledge. A legal practitioner working for a revered law firm will most likely have the expertise to litigate your Singulair lawsuit efficiently.

If you’re planning on hiring an independent attorney, it’ll be best to interview them first to ascertain their level of experience in handling cases. Here, ask questions that are relevant to your lawsuit. If they answer every query easily, you’ve found the right fit.

  • Character

Hiring an attorney who displays strange behaviors in court will make you lose your case. Before you choose an attorney, examine their attitude. 

Don’t hire someone who shuts you off while explaining your lawsuit’s specifics. 

You’d be better off hiring an attorney that listens to you and is ready to do everything possible to get a positive outcome for your Singulair claim.

  • Reviews

Nowadays, people rely on online reviews to patronize a product or service. Before you set sail with a lawyer, it’ll be best to check their services via Google and read all client reviews. 

If the amount of positive reviews outweighs the number of negative reviews, going with that attorney may prove advantageous in the long run. 

Note that reviews can be doctored. So, while checking reviews is great to sieve out a top attorney, consider other factors before entering any agreement.

  • Fees

Another aspect you must consider before picking a top Singulair lawyer is legal fees. Ensure their charges suit your finances. Here, it’ll be best to shun attorneys who charge hourly rates — they’re generally expensive.

Since Singulair lawsuits will see you file for settlement, selecting a lawyer that operates on a contingency-fee contract is advisable. 

With this attorney by your side, you’ll only pay charges after receiving compensation.

Why It's Great to Have an Attorney By Your Side

  1. Even if you have a legit case against the producer of a certain drug, you’ll need to skip numerous hurdles. So, while it might seem cost-effective to tow the DIY route for your case, it’s inadvisable.

    Why? You’ll be going up against the entity’s legal team, and they’ll do all they can to discredit your lawsuit and give you a settlement that doesn’t tally your damages.

    The ultimate solution? 

    Hiring a lawyer. 

    Here are major reasons why you’ll need an attorney in your corner:

    • Review your medical history and diagnosis to ascertain liability
    • Contact medical experts to gather the proof required to build a rock-solid claim
    • Negotiate settlement to ensure you receive an amount that suits incurred damages
    • Litigate on your behalf in court if negotiations fall through

Damages You'll Get Compensation for in Singulair Cases

If Singulair use led to your doctor diagnosing you with anxiety or depression, you’re entitled to get settlements for these damages: 

  • Unpaid wages
  • Pain and emotional anguish
  • Cost of surgical procedures required to treat neuropsychiatric issues
  • Expenses associated with consulting revered therapists
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of business opportunities

NOTE: The above damages revolve around economic and non-economic damages. Thus, you need a top-tier attorney to gauge these losses and negotiate a fitting compensation amount. 

Three Steps to Successfully File a Singulair Lawsuit

If you used Singulair and have been diagnosed with a neuropsychiatric issue linked to the drug’s use, it’s time to commence the lawsuit filing process.

To go about this endeavor successfully, follow these 3 steps:

#1 Hire an Experienced Attorney

As we’ve established, you’ll need a top-notch lawyer in your corner to litigate against the defendant’s attorneys and get a positive verdict. Thus, hiring an attorney is the first thing you must settle while filing a lawsuit. 

Before picking one, peek at their track record in related cases. That way, you can yield positives from the claim in the long run. 

#2 Keep the Necessary Documents

After finding legal representation, the next thing to do is prepare proof that Singulair resulted in your anxiety or depression. To do this, set aside Singulair prescriptions from your doctor and records stating your diagnosis.

Contact your attorney for assistance if you can’t access these records easily.

#3 File Your Claim

Once your lawyer reviews the medical files confirming links between Singulair and your neuropsychiatric, they will go ahead to file a claim in court. 

After filing, wait for your case’s hearing date.

Class Action Singulair Lawsuits: Are There Any?

Currently, there are no class actions for Singulair suits. Plaintiffs are filing individual lawsuits, hoping they’ll get the compensation that suits incurred losses.

Why doesn’t a class action exist for Singulair cases?

In class actions, you can’t choose an attorney to litigate your case. Additionally, the settlement in class actions is equal for all plaintiffs. Since Singulair claims allege mild to severe side effects, going this path isn’t the best way to compensate victims adequately.

However, with Singulair cases being in their thousands, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation may decide to consolidate all these claims into an MDL. Although a Multidistrict Litigation will showcase shared resources, you have the right to choose your attorney and receive a settlement that suits your losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Singulair?

Singulair is a prescription for treating severe allergies and asthma in adults and children.

Who Produces Singulair?

The entity that produces Singulair is Merck & Co. Inc.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Singulair Cases?

The statute of limitations on Singulair lawsuits depends on the state. Thus, it’ll be in your best interests to hire an attorney well-versed in state laws to file the case before the filing timeline elapses.

What Are the Notable Side Effects of Singulair?

The following are notable Singulair side effects:

  • Aggressive behavior, hostility, and agitation
  • Suicidal thoughts and actions
  • Attention problems
  • Nightmares
  • Depression
  • Acute anxiety
  • Utter confusion or disorientation
  • Involuntary bodily moments

Final Words

If you or a friend developed anxiety or depression after taking Singulair, you’re eligible for a settlement tallying your losses. To claim your compensation, you’ll need to hire a top-tier attorney ready to go all out to grant you a positive verdict on your case.

Your chosen lawyer operating under a contingency fee is a plus as you won’t settle legal charges until Merck & Co. has issued a settlement.

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