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We use our network of websites to generate MedLegal leads, vet them and share them with our network partners instantly.

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Why Choose us?

Nationwide Report has created a network of nationwide sources to generate relevant traffic. We do this by creating relevant content and through referrals from multiple partner websites.

We offer attorneys and medical professionals the opportunity to sign up with us and choose a state. Any leads and traffic generated through that particular state’s pages would go directly to you, with Advertising Media Opportunities as an add-on.

The image below from our Google Analytics account gives you a clear screenshot of our growth in traffic.

Want Proof of Our Growth?

The image below is from one of our referral sites. We have strong engagement metrics, 48K+ shares and 34K+ likes on our creatives.

The image below from our Google Analytics account gives you a clear screenshot of our growth in traffic. We’ve grown exponentially in the last year and don’t plan on looking back.

Why Are We Different In What We Offer

Quality Leads With Zero Commitments

From Personal Injury to Auto Accident leads, we provide them all. We don't lock you into contracts.

500,000+ Monthly Pageviews

We target all major advertising platforms and social media channels to direct traffic to our website - and therefore leads - validated and updated by our experts.

30,000+ Subscribers

Get introduced to individuals, businesses, and agencies looking for advice on legal issues and disputes.

Full Support

We will support you throughout the entire journey and it differentiates us from our competitors.

No Long Term Commitment

Start and stop whenever you want, without monthly or yearly contracts.

Proven Track Record

Generating high quality leads and converting them into new clients is our forte.

Marketing Your Law Firm Online Can Be Frustrating.

You shouldn’t have to lose time and money on tactics that don’t work. Internet advertising is a highly-specialized field, and you deserve an expert solution.


How Do We Generate Qualifying Attorney Leads?

When it comes to attorney lead acquisition, we take every precaution to avoid wasting time and resources.

Similarly, we don’t want you, our customer, to waste time, energy, and money tracking down stale leads or anonymous calls.

That’s why we need to do things correctly so that we can only provide you with leads that have a good

chance of converting into new clients in real time.

We also get calls from people who have heard of us, which helps us generate new leads.


We produce over 170 news articles a week and we target geograpchical locations to product leads in that location.

This structure contains over 55,000 cities, within 3,144 counties, within the 210 Nielsen DMA’s (Designated Marketing Areas) and the 50 states with pages for each, before we add any other content. When ADC links to accident stories through local media and organizes them within this geographic architecture, we have a continuous process for building specific authority for place names plus accident keywords within the entire site.

Get Qualified Leads & Advertise Your Law Firm

We’ve researched and tested our funnels to get the highest quality leads for your business. 

We’ll continue to create innovative ways to bring in the right traffic and convert them into leads that work.

The process of obtaining leads can be time-consuming, but with our support, we can assist you in your other marketing efforts such as Google/Facebook ads and SEO.

Contact us today and we’ll schedule an appointment or give you more information about our work.

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Let us take care of the marketing & advertising by working with Nationwide Report. We reduce your financial risk associated with marketing expenses and free up your time to focus on what you do best.