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Recent Cleveland, TN Accident News

While Tennessee does not rank in the country’s list of states with the most accidents, the state still has a staggering number of collisions and crashes. Authorities attribute the leading causes of accidents in Tennessee to the failure to maintain a lane and driving while impaired.

Tennessee Accident FAQ

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that the leading cause of accidents in Tennessee is failure to maintain a lane, closely accompanied by driving under the influence.

An individual can buy an accident report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol office for $4.00. The reports will be available for purchase seven days after the accident. Any driver/passenger/legal representative can go and pick up the report.

Tennessee is not a no-fault state. If you are involved in an accident, the person who is the cause of the accident will have to reimburse the victim.

Hickman County has the most accidents in Tennessee. 

It is against the law to drive without insurance in Tennessee. There are severe consequences in place for those who do this like paying fines, surrendering their driver’s license and registration, or even having to go to jail. 

Considering that Tennessee is a fault state, an accident would remain on your record for three years. There are other factors that may come into play depending on the circumstances of the accident, however, the standard is three years.